The theory of coincidences

‘Coincidences’ determine an individual’s state of being, balanced and in harmony with the universe. In this sense, coincidences can be understood as nature’s purest law, and beyond nature they represent the perpetual bond between the relative and the absolute, as well as the birth of all forms of life and love. They’re a link between reality and imagination, between desire and fantasy, between the body and the spirit, between life and death. The importance of such moments should form the basis of all scientific, artistic, economic, political and religious laws, as they determine the existence and subsistence of human beings upon the Earth, as well as upon any other planet. As the laws indicated above, like their establishment, are inseparable from one another, this theory becomes the bond that could further the quest, the growth and the evolution of mankind. (Alberto Magrin)

Poems (2012) Seneca Editions


The acrobats of time

The artist presents a series of interesting poems that upset the traditional conventions of space, form and technique. Shocking expressions , which, by means of their own provocative simplicity, take on the form of an unexpected and idyllic polemical language at the same time. (Nino Villanti)

Poems (2011) Seneca Editions



Round and rectangular brackets symbolize the Great Architect’s design. Mathematics and science enter into nature, transporting it on a journey toward the supernatural. The poetry of the paint binds the symbol to the design. Eternal life is represented by the moment in which a child is conceived with love. The miracle of conception, that moment in which love is sought and given. The point in the present in which daily contact with the infinite is to be had. The connection between the relative and the absolute, the ego’s coincidence with God. The snap of a photograph, an instant sculpture, the theatrical improvisation of our own existence, the bond between ourselves and the unmoved mover. The sacred heart brings light to the enlightened when speaking to his individual spirit. The vehicle becomes the container into which words are poured, coming from above through visions that depend on their primordial languages. It matters not whether they be paintings, sculptures or videos, it is the coincidence of the content that matters. We don’t drink the bottle. Rather, that which we are tasting is a glass of the divine wine (di-wine)

Poems (2010) Gruppo Albatros



During the course of his life, when a man or an artist decides to seek his own personal enlightenment, according to the artist…

Monograph (2009) Guardamagna Editions


Science, conscience, knowledge

All these elements result in the fact that man, a tool in the hands of God, grasps evolution…

Monograph (2015) – Il Geko Editions


The spiritual freedom

From knowing yourself to knowing God…or rather, you´ll know God better if you get to know yourself…

Monograph (2018) – 081grafica


Il corpo solitario

Contemporary photography (2017) Rubbettino Editions