MAGREEN GALLERY is an avant-garde gallery representing both upcoming and internationally renowned contemporary artists. The gallery has a wide international reach and offers tailored guidance to private and corporate art collectors. The gallery was founded by Alberto Magrin in Rapallo, Italy (2014). The represented artists use every traditional language: painting, sculpture, drawing, architecture, experimenting new techniques like digital photography, video-art, performances, installations, sound art, textile art and others contemporary techniques.

MAGREEN画廊是一个先锋派的画廊,代表着未来艺术家和国际知名的当代艺术家们的艺术风格。该画廊具有广泛的国际影响力,为私人和企业艺术收藏家提供量身定制的指导。Alberto Magrin于2014年在意大利拉帕洛创立了该画廊。参展的艺术家们运用了各种传统语言:绘画、雕塑、素描、建筑,同时还尝试了新的技术,如数码摄影、录像艺术、表演、装置艺术、声音艺术、纺织艺术和其他当代艺术技巧。