Dongquan Bai

Dongquan Bai (b.1968) is a photographer, currently living and working in Yan’an, Xi’an (Shaanxi Province). His works focus on the demise of rural life in the process of urbanization. The self-expression of life with individual vision and feeling, He expresses his perception of life through his individual vision and feelings, and establishes his own unique artistic style with various creative techniques. His works was exhibited in 2019, ‘North of the Mountain’ Li Shui Photo Festival, (Zhejiang Province); 2016, ‘Yellow River’ participated in ‘China Landscape’ Ningbo Unit, Ningbo Art Museum, (Zhejiang Province); 2015, ‘Huashan Jianghu’, ‘Qiankun Bend’ The 5th China Jinan International Photography Biennnal (Jinan Province); 2014, ‘On the Yan River’ 2014 Xishuangbanna International Photo Exhibition. Xishuangbana, (Yunnan Province); 2014, ‘Walking pixels mobile phone 7 people experimental video exhibition’ De Se Fototime (Beijing); 2013, The photographs participated in a large-scale photography exhibition The Image Experiment of villagers and artists in the Upper Circle group of ‘Hidden Land’; Today Art Museum (Beijing) 2012, ‘The Story under the Pagoda Mountain’, ‘Chinese Folk Documentary Photography’ exhibition (Xi’an Province).