Stefano Genzone

Stefano Genzone was born in Modena (1991). Genzone’s pictorial research explores scenes from contemporary or philosophical life, filtered by his sensitivity.Carnal and poignant images merge and take shape in masterfully constructed chromatic planes with overlapping perspectives. Oil and solvents combine in a gestural painting creating effects of “breaking the perspective“, a key to understanding his art. The relationships between the poetic universe, at times ironic and everyday, are the result of the contents treated by the artist. Using different painting techniques, Genzone creates an original channel of visual communication that is easy to interpret. For his thematic research he selects allegorical images or human or animal anatomical details.The emotional datum is perceptible above all by the energy of his faces. In which his sensitivity as an interpreter of emotions appears transparent…The artist sometimes uses the expedient of “perspective deconstruction“. He lives and works in Modena (Italy).