Carlo Fatigoni

Carlo Fatigoni was born in Perugia where he lives and works. He began his creative journey in the late 1970s, dealing with music and playing with various electro-punk groups. From the early 1980s he began to deal with art, becoming self-taught. Sound in art together with writing are the passions that fuel his research. In the early 1990s he completed some researches creating sculptures with various materials from wood to marble to paper to sound that will structure the first installations for exhibitions. The next step, at the turn of the new millennium, is the approach to digital art. He takes part in national and international video art events and in live performances he voices videos, films and performative actions, also with other artists, in real time. Since 2004 he is the creator of Sguardi Sonori, a festival of art and sound that through Italy, it brings together artists from all over the world in communication and collaboration. In 2018 he curates the exhibition When sound becomes form. Sound experiments in Italy 1950-2000 at MAXXI – Museum of the Arts of the XXI century.